Thatcham Category 2-1 Alarm for Motorhome or RV – Fully Fitted

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An alarm upgrade specifically for motorhomes and American RV style vehicles, insurance approved with all the security and convenience features you can think of. Professionally installed by people who know motorhomes.

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Product Description

In brief
An alarm specifically for motorhomes and American RV style vehicles, insurance approved with all the security and convenience features you can think of. Professionally installed by people who know motorhomes.

Get yourself a cup of tea and read on for the full detail.

Designed for motorhomes and RVs
Specifically designed with motorhomes and American RV style vehicles in mind this comprehensive remote controlled alarm security system offers maximum security for your home away from home and all the comfort features you would ever require, with ease of operation being one of its key features and support for up to 6 wireless sensors such as PIR movement sensors and door/window/locker contacts.

Thatcham ABI Insurance Approved to Category 2-1 and Category L2-1 for petrol and diesel vehicles
To ensure this alarm is of the highest quality it has been assessed and approved by the ABI (Association of British Insurers) Motor Insurance Repair and Research Centre, known as Thatcham. It has been approved as meeting their extensive criteria for quality and security for use on petrol and diesel vehicles in the Category 2 and Category L2-1 which covers motorhomes and American RVs. This isn’t just an alarm intended for a car that might not be suitable for insurance purposes on a motorhome or RV.

Professional Installation
A motorhome or RV is very different from a car or van in many ways and not all alarm installers realise the complexities involved in fitting a security system to one. We have over 20 years experience in this market and all our engineers are fully trained and vetted to make sure that your pride and joy is protected in the right way and is treated with the care an attention it deserves. The system will be demonstrated to you in full on completion.

Ease of use
Two 4 button remote controls are provided to arm and disarm the alarm and to control the various features, should you accidentally lose or damage the remote control when away there is a secure emergency override procedure so that you don’t get stuck. For your peace of mind the remote control also has a panic feature that allows you to press a button to instantly set the alarm off. The remote controls use a military grade random encryption system to make sure a sophisticated thief cannot grab your code and clone your remote control.

The alarm protects your cab doors, bonnet and will detect movement in the cab, additional wireless PIR movement sensors and wireless magnetic contacts can protect your habitation doors, windows and lockers. If the alarm is triggered the extremely loud siren will sounds and the hazard lights will flash, you can also connect an optional pager to alert you up to half a mile away. The siren has a built in battery backup so even if a determined thief cuts all the wires to it or disconnects your vehicles battery it will still carry on sounding.

If your vehicle has central locking the alarm will lock and unlock the cab doors automatically when you arm and disarm it, if you have electric windows then these can also be closed automatically when arming (although you made need some extra bits for this). Other options include turning the interior courtesy light on, alerting you if a door is not closed properly and a built in turbo timer function to allow your engine to run on for upto 3 minutes after you turn the ignition to allow for the turbo to cool down after a long journey. It really does have it all.

Full feature list

  • 4 button remote control with military grade encryption and anti-scan/anti-grab technology
  • Secure emergency override in case of lost or broken remote controls
  • Panic alarm from remote control allows you to instantly trigger the alarm
  • Highly visible flashing LED light to let people know you are protected
  • Battery backup siren will carry on working even if the vehicles battery is disconnected or all the wires are cut
  • Ignition Anti-Hotwire to stop the ignition key being bypassed
  • Auto Rearm, alarm stays armed after it has been triggered
  • Automatic arming just in case you forget
  • Flashing hazard lights on arm/disarm/alarm
  • Silent Arm / Silent Disarm option so you don’t disturb people in the early hours
  • Audible warning if a door is not closed properly
  • Controls your cab central locking automatically when arming and disarming
  • Option to automatically close electric windows when arming
  • False alarm nuisance prevention
  • Alarm trigger diagnostics tell you what triggered the alarm in your absence
  • Courtesy light illumination option
  • Option to automatically lock and unlock the cab doors when the ignition is turned on and off
  • Output for optional pager to alert you if the alarm is triggered when you are away
  • Turbo timer output to allow your turbo to cool down after a long journey (programmable for 60 or 180 seconds)
  • Protects your cab doors and bonnet
  • Ultrasonic movement sensor for the cab
  • Optional microwave movement sensor
  • Optional wireless interior motion sensor for habitation area
  • Optional wireless contacts for habitation door, windows, storage lockers
  • Remote controls use frequency approved for use in all EU member states
  • Anti-tamper Security Housing
Optional wireless sensors:
You can select up to 6 wireless sensors to add on to this alarm from any mix of:

  • Interior motion sensor – This sensor will scan the full interior of the motor home for movement and can be isolated for night time operation.
  • Door/Locker contact – This sensor will detect the opening of a storage locker, window or a door.

Thatcham Category 2-1 & L2-1 Approved

  • Category 2-1 Approval No TU2 1405/0807
  • Category L2-1 LCV Approval No TUL1 148/0807 (Light Commercial Vehicle classification, covers most motorhomes and American RVs for insurance purposes)


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