Complete Motorhome or Caravan Satellite TV Package (QuickSAT QS65 & 16″, 19″, 22″ or 24″ TV)

From: £500.00

  • A complete package of a television and portable satellite dish
  • Includes the QuickSAT QS65 satellite dish, tripod and cables
  • Includes your choice of 16″, 19″, 22″ or 24″ Falcon TV with built in satellite receiver, freeview receiver, DVD player and USB
  • Works on 12 Volt or mains power

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Product Description

A complete TV and satellite dish package including everything you need to watch Freesat TV across the UK and into Europe. Choose from a 16″, 19″, 22″ or 24″ Falcon TV with built in satellite receiver, freeview receiver, DVD player, Bluetooth audio and USB recording.

Includes the TV, Dish, tripod, cables, carry bag, and 12 Volt and mains leads.

Find out more about theĀ Falcon S4 TV Range here.

Find out more about the QuickSAT QS65 portable Satellite Dish here.



  1. Charles Kennedy

    We were getting fed up with poor TV reception in our caravan so when we visited one of the shows and stopped at the Falcon Stand and spoke to Simon who was very helpful and explained the best way to make sure we could get a s signal was satellite TV. Not having a massive budget we settled on the Quick Sat 65 and a 19″ TV, what clinched it for us was that Simon invited us to collect the goods at Falcon and have a free night on their campsite where he would personally show us how to set the kit up. We bought with confidence and have since been had the set up and now have TV in places where we had struggled to get signal in the UK but also can now get UK TV in France. Very easy to set up, its in the name Quick Sat. But the service was excellent! Thanks Simon

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