There are two types of mains inverter:

Modified Sine Wave Cheaper and powers most devices, the output of this modified sine wave inverter is compatible with most electronic devices, except for some sensitive or some specialised equipment, for example certain laser printers, fluorescent lighting and some audio equipment. Most devices using AC motors will run off this power source albeit at a reduction in efficiency of approximately 20%

Pure Sine Wave A pure sine wave inverter is more complex than the cheaper modified sine wave type and produces a nearly perfect sine wave output that is essentially the same as utility-supplied grid power meaning that it is compatible with all AC electronic devices and will allow devices using AC motors or microwave ovens to run at full power.

Inverters are ideal for powering things like hair dryers or hair straighteners, kettles, laptops, phone or battery chargers, power tools, TV, games consoles, video, hi-fi and lighting.

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